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Achieve Your Healthy Balance

Holistic Living and Homeopathy

Meet Laura

Student Practitioner at Academy of Homeopathy Education

Laura is currently a student at Academy of Homeopathy Education, a rigorous full-time program with live didactic and clinical training, and is now offering consultations under supervision from well-trained and experienced Certified Classical Homeopaths.

Tallgrass Essentials was born in Oklahoma, home to the largest protected remnant of tallgrass prairie left on earth. An undisturbed ecosystem is the essence of life, yet it doesn't flourish without threats to its health and vitality. We too face disturbances, both man made and natural forces, which bring us out of balance. Often these disruptions serve as a way to strengthen the system, and other times the intensity and frequency is too overwhelming for self-recovery. Management of the system is multi-faceted and is best served by a holistic, individualized, and dynamic approach for optimum healing and health.


Prayer, community, real food, natural movement, and individualized homeopathic care are the essentials of Laura's approach to achieving a healthy balance.

Meet Laura
Why Homeopathy

Why Homeopathy?

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Your whole being is central to homeopathic care.


Homeopathic care flows with the inevitable changes in your health journey.


Remedies taken leave no chemical trace in our wastewater or environment.


The essence of homeopathy is to resonate with your individual expression of imbalance to restore balance and vitality.


Homeopathy works in harmony with your body.


Homeopathy is a whole health system with a defined philosophy and with remedies in use for over 200 years.



New Client Consultation

Available under supervision with a

Certified Classical Homeopath


Follow Up Consultation

Available for established clients under supervision with a Certified Classical Homeopath


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