Tallgrass Essentials Founder

Tallgrass Essentials was born in Oklahoma, home to the largest protected remnant of tallgrass prairie left on earth. Inspired by my upbringing by a mom who challenged the status quo, my innate desire to seek truth, and my journey as a conscious consumer and mom, Tallgrass Essentials was created to share my passion for healthy living and to educate and empower others to lead a life well-nourished.

Growing up my mom often told me that anything I put on my skin was absorbed into my bloodstream. Like a typical teenager, I rolled my eyes and slathered on trendy products without any regard for the ingredient label.

Fast forward to my college years when I started buying everything on my own. I naturally gravitated to healthy, real foods having eaten so well at home. When it came to cleaning and personal care products, I could hear my mom’s voice—you should be able to eat it and not have to worry about calling poison control. My naturally inquisitive mind started reading labels. Methylparaben, propylene glycol, 1,4-dioxane, sodium laurel sulfate, aluminum, and the list went on. These certainly did not sound like things I should eat! That’s when I began to research. I was shocked at what I found. How could companies get away with using toxic chemicals with proven links to cancer, infertility, birth defects, learning disabilities, and other serious health issues?

When I started researching organic options, I discovered a major difference between organic food and organic personal care products. Unlike food, there is NO governance of the term “organic” on skin care and cosmetic labels. Companies are even allowed to use the term “fragrance” to hide “trade secrets” (hint: this is typically a toxic cocktail— real organic ingredients are not trade secret by nature!). With an ever-growing interest in organics, greenwashing is more rampant than ever, as many companies are exploiting the absent regulations and selling toxic junk in the guise of safe and natural products at a premium.

The only way to guarantee a product is truly organic is through an independent certification. Through my research, I found a company called Miessence. As soon as I began using their products, I knew they were special—100% pure and potent with absolutely no greenwashing! Miessence created the first internationally certified organic skin care line, with most products certified to food-grade standards (yes, the same standards as organic food!). With its 110% carbon negative production of an extensive line of certified organic skin, hair, body, cosmetic, and superfood products, Miessence is unparalleled in its integrity and commitment to health and the environment.

As a mom of two little ones, I am more passionate than ever about exposing the truth concerning the use of toxic chemicals and the devastating effects on our health and the environment. However, I believe we can help eradicate these toxins from our planet one choice at a time.


I would love to meet you wherever you are on your wellness journey!